Getting my hoist delivered

The following FAQ lists represents some of the questions asked by our valued customers over the years. The information contained in this page is the property of HAPP Australia Pty Ltd and is not to be reproduced in any form without the written permission of HAPP Australia Pty Ltd.

Pdf versions of this list is provided to HAPP customers / potential customers on request or on the HAPP online information dashboard. If you would like to talk directly to HAPP about your questions please do not hesitate to call us on the numbers listed at WWW.HAPP.COM.AU or on the HAPP documents / advertisements you have.
Typical questions:

Can you arrange delivery to my house?

Yes, we have carriers that can unload hoists at your door. If you have a fork lift this will save some cost on the shipping.

Can I collect from the HAPP warehouse?

Yes, the warehouse requires that we give 24hrs notice before collection (to allow them to ensure the hoist is retrieved and ready for collection). Our main warehouse is in Hendra, Brisbane, Qld. For customers in other areas talk to HAPP for estimated delivery times to a warehouse in your local area.

Can you help me select the best freight option?

Yes, just call the office and let them know your location, the hoist you are interested in and they will find the best freight options. If you have a freight company you like to use they will work with that also.

Where can you deliver to?

Anywhere in Australia and New Zealand region. We have shipped to locations all across Australia directly and to islands via shipping agents. Wherever you are we can get the hoist to you.

What is the cheapest way to get a hoist?

The cheapest way to get a hoist is to collect from our Hendra warehouse in Queensland, not far behind is to collect from one of our depots across Australia.