I bought my mc30 for my mbike. No scrounging around on the floor

MC30 bike lift – Andrew G, April 2024

In Dec 2020 I purchased a Hood auto performance 30P 2-post car hoist, what a ripper!
I transit my 6.5m boat (with a high rigid cab) between the hoist columns and so a hoist with a floor plate was essential, I couldn’t be happier. The HAPP-30P hoist is extremely well built, robust, functional, safe and intuitive to operate.
I keep it sprayed with CRC GELTAC or TAC2 and its corrosion free and looking good after 4 years.
Recently I had a replace a main seal, Gavan’s helpful advise meant I could remove the ram-rod in situ which saved a heap of effort. Great product, great price and a pleasure to deal with HAPP, the HAPP 30P gets my highest recommendation.
2 post floor plate Happ30P – Paul D, Jan 2024

I purchased a HAPP 25 hoist. The reason I chose HAPP 25 over other brands was mainly due to the thicker lifting cables and the thicker material in the lift posts. Dealing with the company was excellent and they responded quickly to my inquiries. I will definitely be dealing with HAPP again.

4T 4 post Happ25 hoist – Omar S, Jan 2024

Very happy with our Happ hoist great service and Leyton from profix industries installer recommended by Gavan was very helpful thank you for your service

Happ45Pi 4.5T 2 post hoist with baseplates for additional support – Kayla & Braedon E, Dec 2023

A special thanks’ to Gavan and Jodie for their incredible service.
I brought a 30T Shop Press on the weekend and have tested it with straightening an axel of my small tracked dozer. Works a treat.

Gavan and Jodie were so helpful and accommodating, I had almost forgotten the values of a small Australian business were like.

I will be buying form HAPP again.

Thanks Guys
(Gavan I hope you are feeling better!)

Shop Press SP30G – Scott M, Nov 2023

Best choice I ever made, awesome unit. Happ 2 post exceeded everyone else’s, the fact that me being 6 foot I was able to walk under the 4 arms all others I had to walk between arms or duck under arms. Mine is the one that you have to walk from one side to the other to separately release the locks to lower it, but I simply ran a rope to pull whilst at the motor control. It’s been outside for a few years now, I sprayed chains wires etc with Tecktyly anti-corrosive, I keep lots of grease on everything regularly. I’m extremely happy that I made the right choice getting a HAPP hoist I use it regularly, I have 13 collectors cars.

2 post floor plate car hoist, Happ30P – Chris Y, Nov 2023

Great product, prompt responses from these guys when I had questions. Would buy from again. Just got to raise my roof now lol

3T adjustable Happ95 clear floor hoist with big baseplates – Tim D, Sep 2023

After visiting Gavan and checking out his motorcycle lifts I purchased the MC40. Extremely well engineered and finished. Gavan & his staff were very helpful and answered all my queries promptly.Very happy with my bike lift. Car hoist next time!!

Quad bike lift & Oil drain – Chris G, Aug 2023

I have purchased a two post hoist and now a bike table. Great to deal with and very helpful when needed. Fully recommend dealing with team. Both products purchase are well built and will last for long time.

Happ30P 4T 2 post and MC25 bike lift – Mal S, July 2023

Couldn’t ask for a better value for money hoist than our HAPP40. Had ours installed November 2018 and it hasn’t missed a beat (or lift😉)
The guys are awesome to deal with.

A fantastic team!!

We have since bought their air compressor, gearbox hoist, automotive tool chest, tool roller tray, and bearing press. All fantastic quality and value for money.

Highly deserving of a 5 star rating. I recommend all HAPP products!

Workshop Accessories (oil drain, shop press +) – Tony Winn, March 2023 Also purchased 4 post hoist July 2023

Very good to deal with.

4 post Happ25 4T storage car hoist – Doug G, June 2023

HAPP25 high lift 4 post hoist – the whole process of purchasing, payment and pickup was easy and professional right the way through, great technical information for ease of what suited my needs to great administrative support, always pleasant professional and curious.
When researching for a hoist my greatest concern was quality and design ( my safety of working under and storing classic cars on) also to be able to park my 4 wheel drive on or under.
I wanted to be able to inspect a hoist prior to purchase ( I have over 30 years experience in welding inspection and fabrication) and to this the team greatly obliged to make it happen.
The build quality design and fabrication is first class both on the hoists that I inspected and the hoist supplied. Installation was completed by myself without any issues with fabrication fit up.
Thank you Gavan, Karen, Maree and Jodie, your support, service and quality of equipment is first class.
Highly recommend HAPP

Happ25 4 post 4T car storage hoist with castor wheels – Glenn F, June 2023

Great product, well made, and very easy process through the purchase thanks again

Happ40P 2 post clear floor 4T hoist – Rick G, June 2023

Great price , great service, great products. Will keep filling my workshop with Happ gear

2 post Happ30P hoist, bike lift plus workshop accessories! – Peter S, June 2023

I would like to thank Karen, Maree and the rest of the team. The hoist is super sturdy and manufactured to precision. Awesome addition to any garage.
These guys are super friendly and professional to deal with, and the product speaks for itself…..Brilliant…

Happ25 4T 4 post hoist – David G, May 2023

Just bought a HAPP95. Really happy (HAPPy?) with the quality, especially for the price. Arms and columns are really well made. Picked up myself from Willawong which was no hassle at all. Jodie was helpful with making a change to my quote. Can’t wait to pick up the rotisseries I have on back order!

Adjustable 3T 2 post hoist Happ95 and Rotisserie – John A, May 2023

In addition to top quality hoists (HAPP 12 in my case) I experienced truly personalised service. An example of which is HAPP’s door to door shipment assistance. This was faultless to say the least. If you’re trying to decide whether to get a hoist or not so I can say is I now feel safe from any crush injury risk and over and above this the convenience factor is incredible!

Happ12 full rise scissor lift – Brook Porter, May 2023

I bought mine a few years ago. 2 post Floor cabled. What a joy to use. No more climbing under to work on cars. Goes up high enough to stand freely and work…. Recommend for anyone chasing a new unit.

2 post floor plate hoist Happ35P – Grant Abbott, March 2023

I recently purchased a new 1.5T aluminium trolley jack and a 1T engine crane with pneumatics. Jodie and Karen were fast and efficient with getting me sorted out and answering questions, and pick up in Willow Vale was great. Gavan was also super helpful showing me a few of the other products that I’m interested in and sharing his experience with mounting and fitting. I’ll be back for more, a lift in the future. Thank you very much HAPP team!

Engine Crane EC10A & Trolley Jack ATJ10 – Chris Lee, March 2023

We’ve been dealing with Maree for quite some time in regarding our business products! Her and the team have been absolutely incredible with answering every question I have asked in the past! Our business is currently putting there machines through hell and back and they are holding up brilliantly! Fantastic quality and the item description is spot on! TC20 & WB20 have been to hell and back and I can confidently say I’m not worried about them failing anytime soon.
Keep up the solid team and you’ve definitely got a returning business customer here!

WB20/TC20A Tyre Machines – Micheal W, March 2023

Purchased the HAPP25 4 post hoist with jacking beam. I had some queries before purchasing which were answered very promptly by Jodie who also provided me with my quote. Pickup was easy and hoist is great!

Happ25 and JB20 jacking beam – Steve Heathwood, March 2023

My experience with HAPP was a great experience from the very first phone call, all the way to delivery, and due to the quality of the product I have not had to make any follow up calls. I purchased a 4 post hoist, although a large package, delivery and all the relevant instructions were very good for assembly. I have had mine in personal use for a number of years trouble free. As I reside in Queensland, dealing with HAPP was great. If you are thinking of buying a vehicle hoist, I would highly recommend purchasing from HAPP. Regards. Ray.

Happ25 4 post hoist, oil drain, trolley jack – Raymond Jurd, March 2023

Good product and good after sales service thank you

Tyre Machine Combo TC30/WB30 – David Hemmings, Jan 2023

Would be the best and only place in Australia for service and product, Gavin and his team are more then helpful and the HAPP lifts are well made and perform flawlessly. Thank you guys!

Happ11 Scissor Lift – Tommy Scherf, Jan 2023

Gavin and Maree are genuine people who are very passionate about their products. A pleasure to do business with and good quality equipment. I bought a 4 poster off them years ago and have had zero problems. I recently bought a motorcycle lifter and don’t expect any problems. I have referred countless amount of people to purchase from them and I wouldn’t do that unless I was 💯 confident.

Happ25 and MC30 – Greg Blackwell, Oct 2022

The lift I bought is great, and it gets a lot of use without any problem. Highly recommend

Happ95 portable/adjustable 2 post 3T lift – Robert B, Oct 2022

So I finally got around to buying more from HAPP and as to be expected, I’m not disappointed.
Just picked up my 30P hoist and wow. Amazingly well built and professionally packed for transport.
I can’t thank Gavin enough for all the help he provided in assisting me in getting my hoist home. Couldn’t have done it as easily on my own.
The whole team at HAPP are super friendly and just a delight to work with……. Wonder what I can get next???
Thanks again HAPP. Your awesome.

Another item! Floor plate Happ30P car hoist – Alan Birss, Oct 2022

We were looking at buying some hoists for our workshop & found the HAPP 4.5T 2 Post Hoist (HAPP45Pi) design & quality to be on par with that of the $8K Rotary SPOA10 hoists – the arm design was also very similar to that of the Rotary, so for a saving of over $4K the decision was simple. Not to mention, Gavan’s service & advice went way above & beyond that of any other supplier, and you can tell he really knows the technical in’s & out’s of his product designs

Happ45Pi 2 post hoist, tyre machines and shop press – Chillin Automotive, Sep 2022

After much research decided on the Happ 2 post host so pleased with the product , we’ll engineered and built , p.s. don’t bother fitting it yourself , I had it fitted by Leyton and after watching him install it was also so glad he did the job , very professional and thorough.

Happ70P 4.5T 2 post floor hoist – Nick Boughey, Aug 2022

It was a little daunting trying to decide what hoist to put in my shed. The team at HAPP went out of their way to help me choose the right hoist for my needs. The hoist fits my shed like a glove. It’s perfect! As a bit of a novice I was a little worried about doing the DIY install, but once I got into it, the process was easy to follow and before I knew it, I had a hoist. It is a SOLID beast. Definitely not a cheap product. So happy with the quality and build of the hoist. The The team at HAPP are amazing. It’s unusual these days to get such good customer service. But they were always there from start to finish. Highly recommend this hoist AND the team at HAPP that provides it.

Happ45Pi 4.5T 2 post inverted cylinder – Dan Deasy, Aug 2022

Just pickup a MC30 motorcycle lift and frame stand last week. Great bang for buck, works really well. Great service, they were really helpful from quoting right up until purchase and pick up. Thanks guys.

MC30 bike lift with centre stand – Rob Dries, Aug 2022

Great products and even better service!

MC40 bike lift & 20T press – Julz W, Melbourne, Aug 2022

Just picked up my HAPP mechanical go jacks and they are fantastic. Easy to use, move well under my 56 Ford pickup. Wish I’d bought them years ago to honest. Really happy with them. I’ll be looking at the other HAPP items to see what goes in the shed next. Cheers.

Go Jacks 500kg VPJ20 – Alan Birss, June 2022

I have a business in the specialist building industry and currently as part of our hobby, my dad (83 yo ) and I are spending time together working in some old Aussie classics. In my own industry I am only too familiar with the poor level of quality of items coming out of China. We recently purchased a rotisserie gantry from Happ. After realising the weight my dad had to deal with on his own at times we then added a gear drive for it. We are both amazed at the quality of the equipment we have purchased from Happ. We needed to drill 2 holes as part of the gear drive addition and the thickness of the metal is incredible. The weight of the gear drive oozes quality. Can only recommend gear from Happ

Car Rotisserie – Will Cox, June 2022

Absolutely amazing product and service!! We have the WB20 and the TC20A and absolutely love the products. They are super easy to use and do an incredible job changing and balances tyres.

Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer TC20A and WB20 – Backyard Speedway Ventures, March 2022

Exceptional hoist, really glad I went with Happ. Can’t fault it at all, very keen to get some work done with it.

Happ45P 2 post 4.5T clear floor hoist – James, March 2022

Really easy do deal with and a great product can highly recommend them

Thomas Hobbs – Happ35P 2 post floor plate hoist, March 2022

Just received and installed my HAPP11. Minor issues related to setup, but they were easily fixed with phone help from Gavan. Hoist is very well made, easy to use, and makes it SO much easier to work on my car safely. Maree and Jodie in the office were also a pleasure to deal with, making the whole process simple. Thank you guys!!

Happ11 scissor hoist mid rise – Peter James, March 2022

Seriously I contacted 3 different suppliers…..HAPP the only one’s to call back. Most informative, helpful crew. I did have trouble with 1 piece in delivery but HAPP just sent off another, no cost no drama, and had it delivered to my door. If I could give them a (6 Star) I would…… For product, pre & after sales service.

Jed McCoy – Happ10 scissor lift and Happ70P 2 post floor plate hoist, Jan 2022

Very happy with the quality, just got my second Happ hoist installed & truly recommend. Have not any problems since I got my first hoist installed year ago. Happ team is very friendly and help full to find a right solution for your needs.

Rait Pinnak – Happ40P 2 post clear floor asymmetric arms, Nov 2021

I’ve just installed my second HAPP 35P hoist, this time in a new shed at a new house! My previous positive experience with HAPP, since 2013 when I purchased my first one, made it an easy decision to purchase another. The experience was enhanced by detail improvements to the new unit and by the positive customer service I’ve experienced during my previous ownership. I can thoroughly recommend HAPP for any like-minded enthusiasts wanting to fully enjoy car ownership and home maintenance.

2 post floor plate Happ35P – Rob Gray, Sep 2022

Great experience all round.

2 post Happ70P Floor Plate 4.5T hoist – Tim McCullough, Aug 2021

Just before Christmas I bought a HAPP45P two post hoist for the shed/workshop. I found it very well built and very easy to install. It is the perfect size for my needs and hasn’t missed a beat since I put it in. So proud of the way the hoist looks I was going to post photos, but the shed’s a bloody mess. Anyway, thanks guys for supplying a great affordable product. EDIT: I have since also purchased the T40 transmission jack and am equally as happy. With the work I’ve been able to get done on my own vehicles, these units have more than paid for themselves. Thanks guys. David Connolly Signalplus Antennas

Happ45P 4.5T clear floor car hoist – David Connolly, July 2021

Brought the Happ11, ordered on Tuesday and received in Mackay on Friday. The service offered by staff was very good. Much appreciated

Midrise Scissor Lift Happ11 – Ivan Blutcher, July 2021


Happ40P 2 post 4T clear floor – Cheryl Lewis, June 2021

Great service and great product. Would highly recommend them

Happ90 2 post 3T portable hoist – Rob Cutajar, May 2021

Thankyou the team at Happ… our happ70 is gr8 whish i had done it years ago no more layin on de floor

Happ70 4T 2 post floor plate lift – Nick Rayner, Nov 2020

Hey there its Jayden Scrivens, I bought a happ95 off you a few months back, just thought I’d let you know its probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, absolutely life changing to say the least, I made a little video of the install and put it up on my youtube, it hasn’t got as many views as I wanted unfortunately as I’ve been a bit busy with life to be keeping my channel going but anyways, I thought I’d send you guys a link to see the set up, and see your product in action haha.  Hope you enjoy, I’m currently building a drift car and its seriously takes half the time with a hoist, best upgrade my little shed ever got, haha Car hoist install – turning my tiny shed into the perfect workshop Cheers guys, from Jayden

Happ95 2 post free standing, adjustable width – Jayden Scrivens, Nov 2020

I can say the installation and commissioning of the hoist was flawless, i did not have any problems assembling it and the quality of the hoist is excellent.

Happ40P – 4T Clear floor – Asymmetric Gen 2 arms – Michael Catlow, Oct 2020

GREAT product – Ive owned a HAAP35 Hoist since 2013, its been run 1-2 times a week for 7 years and not one issue, never stopped, never leaked. Looks and operates like the day I purchased it , minimum wear & tear. Ive applied lube on carriage and tightened floor bolts every year as a maintenance procedure. Had over 12-15 different sized cars on it, great value and most importantly AUS certified equipment.

Happ35 – low columns – Joshua Glenny – July 9, 2020

Took delivery of my happ 70 today …

Nothing but good things to say about Maree, Jodie and Gavin.

Great service and support will recommend again.

Very happ…y

HAPP70 – single point release – floor plate – Bejay Hodgson – July 29, 2020

Re my happy hoist as I call it – purchased a happ 30p model. It is well made, a high quality product with full Australian compliance. Was easy to install and use and at a very competitive price to buy. Maree from Happ was very helpful in my decisions of what type of hoist to purchase. truly a 5 star product and service!

Happ30P – Jim Ryan – May 19, 2020

Before purchasing the Hoist, like anyone I had done plenty of research etc to make sure I’m getting exactly what I wanted.

When I made the choice to contact HAPP I was more than pleased as I asked many questions and was satisfied with all responses (both from you and Gavan).

The transaction was simple and efficient and when it arrived I was very impressed with the way it was packaged (very professional and heavy duty).

The Hoist has been installed now for a year and a half and has been fault free and a valuable asset to my shed. I have 5 cars to maintain so it’s a pleasure to work with.

My friends/visitors are impressed with both design/appearance and price and I can’t recommend enough to them and our Car Club that HAPP Hoists are the way to go!

Much Appreciated and thanks again for a great Hoist!

HAPP35 – short column floor plate – Jason Winnett – June 3, 2016

Late last year I bought a Happ hoist through the lovely ladies at Happ Australia. The whole process from deciding which hoist best suited my needs, to it being unloaded at my property was smooth sailing. Freight and everything was organised for me. Maree and Jodie know their products and can match your needs each time. Will gladly be buying more of their workshop equipment in future. As a fussy guy I’m very happy with the quality of their products, and the pricing to match. Cheers, Chris.

Chris Kafer – HAPP30 – 2 post floor plate model – March 3, 2020

Happ hoists are very good value and they allowed me to purchase one of their products immediately on the day, which is not always possible with other companies. I picked up the Happ11A mid rise hoist with my own trailer and installed it in my shed myself. It works perfectly and I am amazed by the quality and sheer strength of the thing. I highly recommend Happ Hoists. Cheers, C Parker

Chet Parker – HAPP11A – midrise scissor lift – March 4, 2020

Very helpful, great to deal with. The hoist i bought is fantastic. If i could give HAPP 10 stars i would. When i win the lotto these guys are going to outfit my megashed. 10/10 A++++

Josh Neumann – HAPP30 – dual point floor plate – March 5, 2020

I contacted Gavan and he was more than helpful with all my many questions, and was happy to chat about various options. Placing my order with Jodie was a breeze and I had my hoist home quickly. Once I unpacked and installed the hoist, I realised just how great quality these hoists really are and I would recommend both the product and business any day of the week. 5 stars for HAPP.

Steve Kolar – HAPP30P – 1900mm lift 2 post – March 6, 2020

My HAPP 35P hoist is the tool I wish I had purchased years ago. The asymmetric arms make lifting my mid-engined car a breeze. The hoist is excellent value, easy to install and the customer service is fantastic. Overall a great product!

HAPP35P – short column hoist – Eric Manderson – January 8, 2020

Hi guys, installed my 30P this arvo. Perfect for my needs. Thank you very much.

HAPP30P – 1900mm lift – Troy Derwent – January 15, 2020

I had the hoist installed by an installer. His comments were this was one of the best quality hoists he had installed and was he impressed with how thick the steel was compared to some he has seen. The hoist is working faultlessly and I’m really happy with it.

Thanks so much for being so easy to deal with, both yourself and Maree have made this an easy purchase and install.

HAPP35P – new gen arms – Bruce Phillips – January 27, 2020

Very happy with my hoist. Perfect for confined spaces. My roof is only 2200 high. Although I can’t stand under the cars I can sit under most with my back straight. It is amazing the advantages of not having jack stands on the floor (not to mention safety / stability. I’ve had 20 different cars ranging from a rover mini all the way up to a 120 series Prado on it with no issue. Certainly makes 4wd tyre rotations a breeze !

Had it for well over a year now and loving it ! Best thing I’ve ever purchased. Has made everything so much safer and easier.

HAPP90 – short column 2 post – Sam Palmer – November 15, 2019

Ive just installed my HAPP35 hoist.There is no word short of fantastic.Thanks Maree, Jodie and Gavan for your assistance. I chose the 35 as I have limited height but I can still get the car plenty high enough for what I need.

HAPP35 – short floor plate model – John Reilly – November 15, 2019

Great to deal with, products are great too. Bought a two post clear floor hoist about 5 years ago still going great.

HAPP60 – 1900mm lift – Leon Hansen – October 7, 2019

Thank you Gavan, Maree and Jodie, I could not be more pleased with my purchase of Happ30P. Service from the first contact to delivery was friendly and very welcomed, installation details easy to follow. If you can service your car you car you can install this hoist. New Gen 2 lifting arms are great giving me confident lifts from a Suzuki 4wd to full-size landcruiser.  Quality of hoist is excellent. Keep up the good work team

New design – 1900mm lift – HAPP30P – Kevin Jones – September 3, 2019

Garry has been using it almost daily for several family cars. He has been loving it so far. It has been much easier for him to perform maintenance on both personal cars and company cars. He is very glad that he bought it. Thank you very much for your help, Kind regards, Shari Mayne

New design – HAPP35P – short column – Shari Mayne – September 16, 2019

The Happ hoist came very well packed, just remember to remove the arms before you stand the posts up. It went together really well. The welds look good, it lifts the car up easy with no strange noises. Definately makes working on the car easier – should have had one years ago.

HAPP30P – new model – Wayne Weeks – September 24, 2019

These guys have been great, even though there was a muck up with the delivered and some transport damage, the team have been super helpful with getting everything sorted, the DIY install was easy and commissioning went off without a hitch, very happy with the product and the price.

HAPP80 – Alan Taylor – 1900mm lift floor plate – August 1, 2019

Recently purchased and installed my Happ hoist, purchase and pick up was an absolute breeze. Assembly and install was equally as easy.
Maree and the team were extremely helpful all the way though the process.

Thanks guys I love it

HAPP40 – clear floor 4T hoist – 1900mm lift – Rob Ensing – June 10, 2019

Massive thanks to the team at HAPP Hoists for the service and and awesome products for our small teams workshop!

HAPP95 – low column, no beam – Matt Shylan – May 20, 2019

Excellent customer service nothing was a problem and such a great product. I bought a HAPP 30 for my shed along with an engine stand, and engine crane. Great quality and a great price!

HAPP30 – wider drive through – Ray Henderson – May 20, 2019

I have had my car hoist for a while now and can not speak highly enough of the help and support you get once you have purchased. Thumbs up to everyone at HAPP car hoists

HAPP35 – shorter columns – 1800mm lift – Thomas Edwards – May 22, 2019

Awesome price and service from these guys. Well done Maree and team. Highly recommend Happ.

HAPP40 – WH&S clear floor hoist – Tony Winn – May 27, 2019

Great service, great hoist. Thanks again Happ!.

HAPP90 – moveable hoist – Robert Sellick – May 28, 2019

HAPP hoists and workshop equipment are perfect whether you’re a professional workshop or a home enthusiast, HAPP have a solution for you :)

HAPP35 – 4T 2 post floor plate hoist – Michael Browning – June 4, 2019

My Happ 40 hoist is up and running.
Thank you for all assistance in purchasing the right hoist for my business

HAPP40 – business 4T 2 post clear floor – Guy Loane – April 28, 2019

My friend bought one of your hoists 2 years ago. It was delivered to the Yorke Peninsula South Australia. We have used it many times. I use the cap and stubbie cooler quite often. Cheers Ray

HAPP40 – Ray Moody – business approved clear floor – March 13, 2019

Just got my new Happ25 installed, very nice lift guys thanks Happ!

HAPP25 – Jemele Deen – 4 post 4T business approved – January 8, 2019

I have 4 x of them more than happy with them :)

HAPP30 – Dale Roughley – wider floor plate hoist – January 2, 2019

I purchased a happ40 from HAPP. They were fantastic to deal with and answered all my queries. Hoist works flawlessly and price was very reasonable. (misso didnt even complain) :P
Will definitely be back for more gear for the workshop in the future.

Alan Griffith – HAPP40 – 4T 2 post clear floor Business hoist – November 24, 2018

Finally got to use my hoist from you guys!
To say I’m HAPPy would be an understatement.
It’s so good.
Thanks again guys for a great product!

HAPP30 – 2 post 4T floor plate hoist – Pat Malone – September 2, 2018

Hey guys just an update cable is in and hoist is all set up. A big thank you again to you guys but I have to give a extra special thanks to Maree; your professionalism throughout the whole time I have dealt with you guys has been outstanding. I will be back to buy more products in the future. Thank you again and thanks for sorting out a problem you guys didn’t create. You guys rock!

HAPP25 – 4 post 4T AS Compliance hoist – Merrick Tuck – September 2, 2018

To all the crew at Happ Australia, I just wanted to compliment you all for the service provided to me, during the purchase of my new Happ35 hoist. I am extremely happy with the product, and the whole process from my initial enquiry right through to delivery, and installation was smooth and trouble free. The hoist is of good quality, and the price and service was excellent. It is such a pleasure to deal with a firm who not only tells the truth about the equipment they sell, but also truly understands the meaning of looking after their customers

HAPP35 – Mark Baumann – floor plate hoist – June 26, 2018

Love my bike hoist, these guys are so easy to deal with, helpful, informative nothing was a problem. Has made working on my projects so much easier. Thanks HAPP

MC30 – Motorbike hoist – June 21, 2018

Using HAPP hoists in our our workshop since 2015. Still going strong. Used every day.

TC20/WB20 combo – tyre machines – Ashley Gibbons – June 18, 2018

Absolutely the best purchase I have made for my garage . Happ hoists are extremely helpful and the hoist is much better than I even expected. Pick up was easy and instalation was very simple.
Finally an affordable high quality hoist is available . I believe I’ll cover the cost of the hoist in 12 months buy just servicing our own cars etc at home and I will complete my project car now without out sourcing work or hiring .
PS im 5’11 and the happ30 lifts high enough for me.

HAPP30 – floor plate hoist – Dave Banks – June 3, 2018

Love it, so easy to use and unload by myself and my wife, it’s her bike on the rack…very happy we both are..thank you

MC25 – motorbike lift – Mark McCauley – June 3, 2018

Great product, great price, great service! Suits my shed perfectly. Was easy to install & my trolley jacks are having a long deserved holiday. Very HappY customer.

HAPP35 – low column 2 post floor plate – Col Whitelaw – June 6, 2018

What can I say awesome hoist, mine is great addition to my expanding shed. High quality well built and designed to make your life easy. I searched for months for a hoist, most only support 3000kg’s where the HAPP hoist is 4000 kg’s and the construction materials are twice the thickness and cables are massive. Do your self a favour call them and inspect them for yourself

HAPP35 – low column – 1800mm lift – Clawd Wright – June 10, 2018

Love the hap70 . Brilliant hoist, great quality, has exceeded my expectations ten fold. Lovely people to do business with, and the frame it came delivered in made a great mobile work bench. Looking forward to future purchases soon.

HAPP70 – Floor plate business hoist – Steve Kellar – June 13, 2018

I purchased a two post free to floor and top HAPP95, it fits in a normal height shed and has been a great asset. When receiving the hoist and setting up I can’t recommend these guys enough. The team could not do enough for me and it set up in no time. I also purchased the engine crane and gear box lifter.

HAPP95 – no top or bottom beam – 1750mm lift – Ronnie Faulkner – June 11, 2018

The HAPP team were great to deal with and made the purchase a no fuss experience. The delivery was within 2 days of payment, which was pleasantly surprising considering I’ve had letters express posted take longer. Instructions and equipment were pretty basic and easy to understand how to erect. It operates well and 110% beats sliding around on garage creeper.

HAPP35 – low column 2 post – Daniel Welsh – June 7, 2018

I bought two 4 post hoists several years ago and they have/are working great. These guys were great assistance and offered great advice. The jacking system works well also.

HAPP25 – 4 post hoist – business approved – David Gibbons – June 6, 2018

Received Hoist, very satisfied, does my job perfectly!

MC40 – Allan Provera – Motorbike hoist for quads – May 17, 2018

Awesome value two post hoist!! Very pleased and would highly recommend. Thanks. HAPPy in Toogoom :)

HAPP30 – Steve Torkington – floor plate hoist – May 15, 2018

Fantastic, amazing customer service all round. I will highly recommend HAPP to anyone after a hoist :-)

HAPP60 – clear floor hoist – Chris Fitzgerald – May 27, 2018

My TC20 turned 2 at the start of the year, great machine and haven’t had any trouble with it. Very good personal customer service and sales.

TC20 – Business Tyre Changer – Jeremy Hall – May 29, 2018

I can’t believe I went this long without a unit like this – very strong and easy to use and Maree made buying it a breeze – worth her weight in gold. Thank you

HAPP10 – portable hoist – Ben Withers – April 23, 2018

Love it, so easy to use and unload by my self and my wife…very happy we both are..thank you, Mark

MC25 – Motorbike hoist – Mark McCauley – April 16, 2018

Great service and good product that was easy to install

HAPP25 – 4T 4 post business hoist – John Teterin – February 20, 2018

Very happy customer. Ordered and payed early one day, arrived the next day. Travelled 1200k with tracking number with clear instructions.

HAPP30 – Quentin Edwards – floor plate – February 8, 2018

Love my bike hoist, these guys are so easy to deal with, helpful, informative nothing was a problem. Has made working on my projects so much easier. Thanks HAPP.

MC30 – Motorbike hoist – Shane Lumley – February 19, 2018

Awesome people to deal with and excellent after sales service, wouldn’t deal with anyone else. Very happy customer!

HAPP60 – Clear floor hoist – Stephen Ferrais – February 19, 2018

Easy to deal with, and prompt service easy installation. I will be getting another hoist for home.

Thanks guys,

HAPP40 – clear floor business hoist – Redline Dyno and Proformance – February 20, 2018

Got the Happ 30. Couldn’t be happier…fantastic service from Maree, Jodie and the crew..brilliant freight times..2 days earlier than eta..they couldn’t be more helpful…wish every small business was as you guys are..thanks

HAPP30 – Charlie Nethercott – February 22, 2018

I am very happy with the hoist and the service I received from the team at HAPP Australia,

Colin Malone

MC25 – Motorbike lift – January 28, 2018

It’s rare to find a business that provides exceptional service and sells quality products at a great price, but HAPP is certainly one of those. We have bought and will continue to buy HAPP equipment and gladly recommend and encourage others to do so as well.
Gavan is a wealth of knowledge and ever willing to share his technical expertise, whilst Maree and Jodie are always helpful and a delight to deal with.

HAPP70 – business hoist – My Next Car – December 20, 2017

Just thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed we are with the HAPP hoist, we have used it couple of times now and it just brings a smile to my son and I each time. Best thing EVER!! Thanks again, Steve.

HAPP30 – floor plate 4T – Steve Lewis – December 5, 2017

Hi Maree. I’m very happy with the HAPP equipment . Hoist installed yesterday. I let the installers position it where they thought most appropriate. Looked weird to me but it could not be in better position. Just great and easy. Ta!

HAPP40 – business hoist – Stewart Battersby – December 17, 2017

I like my hoist so much I re wrote the lyrics to Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ song….just for fun.

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care, baby, by the way
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a shed without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like HAPPy hoist is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what HAPPy hoist is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do
[Verse 2:]
Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,
Well, give me all your tools, and don’t hold them back, yeah,
Well, I should probably say your car will be fine, yeah,
Don’t worry your car will be fine
Here’s why

HAPP70 – Business hoist – James Lang – September 13, 2017

Very Happy with my HAPP 35 Hoist. The company are very good to deal with and very fast delivery. They are happy to answer any questions. Would really recommend this Hoist to anyone that is looking at buying a Hoist. Cheers Martin.

HAPP35 – floor plate 4T hoist – Martin Moon – August 31, 2017

Bloody good machine – BRUMBY, HILUX, LANDCRUISER, no trouble. Thanks TONY.

HAPP35 – short column 2 post – Tony Kelly – August 4, 2017

Thanks Maree and Gavan, as per attached pic Happ 40 hoist installed and works great.
Blown gearbox was out of the son’s drift car in 20 minutes. Not one swear word was uttered!

HAPP40 – WH&S approved clear floor hoist – Rob Venema – June 14, 2017

If You’re Thinking Of Purchasing, DON’T Think Just Buy :) Minimal Assembly Works Perfectly, I’ve Have Had Bikes For Over 30Years
Wish These Were Available Years Ago @ This Price !!!
No More Crouching Down, Bent /Sore Knees, Back Etc.
If You’ve Got a Bike & Thinking About It, Don’t, Just Purchase & You Won’t Regret It.

MC20 motorbike lift – February 7, 2017

Have recently purchased 20 series tyre changer and balancer. Service second to none. Required a couple of changes to suit my needs. Backup and assistance was excellent and appreciated. Well done Gavan and Maree……will be back for more equipment soon.

TC20 and WB20 tyre combo – Graye Roth – February 7, 2017

Just a quick email to say how happy we are with the hoist. Since purchase it has become a valuable addition to the work shop. I use it daily (often several times a day) and it is a pleasure to operate and own. The hoist has gone along way to making my work load a lot easier to process.
Very satisfied with the product and service I have received from HAPP, I would not hesitate to purchase from them again in the future if the need arrives.

Thank you
One happy customer….

HAPP10 – Scissor lift – Troy Grosley – February 16, 2017

I have told everyone to get stuff from you guys.  You’re the best with warranty and stuff and best of all great service!  I have bought the happ70 of you guys which has been going fantasic for almost 2 years now – great stuff.

I have also just purchased the TC10 tyre machine and I’m happy with both the items I have purchased from you guys.

Thank you so much for you time – love you guys! You’s rock!  😀 :)

HAPP70 – WH&S approved – Dylan McGahey – November 10, 2016

He absolutely loves his hoist and has used it many times.  Our neighbours also have used it to work on their cars.

One neighbour commented the other day that the hoist is in the WRONG SHED.  Should be at his place!!

(From Chazz’s wife cause he was busy out fishing :) )

HAPP25 – 4 post hoist – Chazz Pearce – August 18, 2016

Consider me a very happy client, and more than thrilled that I don’t have to get on my back under ramps again.

HAPP35 – John Walker – August 29, 2016

I would like to say what a fantastic hoist this is. It has made preparing my race car so easy and much safer and easier than jacks and stands.
Many thanks, John

HAPP10 – scissor lift – John Camm – July 4, 2016

My HAPP hoist is the best thing I ever bought for home. Since I purchased mine 3 mates, 2 from Rockampton and one in Calen have also bought a HAPP hoist and they’re all wrapped with them.

HAPP40 – WH&S clear floor 4T – Chris Coyte – June 6, 2016

A note to say thanks for the way you do business, a pleasure. Very pleased with the hoist. Extremely well made and went together without a problem. Would recommend your business and your product to anyone. Regards Wayne

HAPP40 – Business approved – Clear floor – Wayne Hook – June 27, 2016

Hi Maree, just a quick note about the tyre machine and the wheel balancer that I purchased recently.

The tyre changer has seen plenty of use. I have 5 motorbikes (dirt bikes, dual sport and sports bike) 2 Camaro’s and the families cars to look after. I change tyres depending on the type of driving, riding or events I am going in. The machine handles the job no problem at all and I would recommend to anyone this type of machine.

The balancer has also seen a reasonable amount of use balancing most of the wheels that I change. Having never used a balancer before I was a bit worried as to how I would go. Then I realised that I had to calibrate it as well !! Not one for reading operators manuals I had a crack at it. The manual is easy to follow and understand and I was able to set it up,calibrate and ultimately use the machine for balancing whatever wheel type I put on it..

Overall both great entry level machines. I might add that my mates have also been getting plenty of use out of the machines.


Tyre Changer, TC10 and Wheel Balancer, WB10 – Warwick Leahy – June 29, 2016

I am really happy with the hoist. It has made things so much more easier working on my cars. And a few others have appreciated it as well. Thank you :D

HAPP70 – WH&S floor plate 4T – John Hannett – June 12, 2016

I’ve had my 4T Happ hoist 3 years now and am very happy with it’s performance and the service I received from Maree and the team at Happ hoists.
It gets used quite often with 4 cars in our family. From services to tyre rotations, it makes the job so simple.
I would, and have recommended Happ hoists to family and friends.

HAPP70 – WH&S floor plate – Mark Stewart – May 25, 2016

Highly recommend Happ hoists, this is my second one now. High quality product backed by excellent customer service.
Thanks again Maree and the team.

HAPP40 – WH&S Clear Floor hoist – Scott Dawson – May 27, 2016

I am currently building a custom made car that requires a fibreglass shell to be lifted on and off many times during construction.
I stumbled across the HAPP 35 when looking for a hoist. I picked it up and installed it myself.
It has been fantastic value for money and I am very happy with my purchase.

HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Craig Blackburn – April 28, 2016

Purchased the 2 post HAPP35 4T hoist and I can’t fault it. Easy installation, good quality at a great price. Highly recommend these guys. Hassle free customer service and very helpful with prompt delivery.

HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Brenton Fritz – April 3, 2016

Three years later, hoist still working well and no major issues. Thanks again, Sid

HAPP10 – portable scissor lift – Master Brake and Clutch Services – April 6, 2016

I purchased a HAPP 90 hoist off your company 12 months ago. Prior to the purchase you were very helpful in answering all my questions which made the decision to purchase easy. As I had limited height a full height hoist was not possible but your HAPP 90 hoist has been perfect for my workshop. Thank you.

HAPP90 – portable 2 post – Steve Durrington – April 10, 2016

A note to say thanks for the way you do business, a pleasure. Very pleased with the hoist. It’s extremely well made and went together without a problem. Would recommend your business and your product to anyone. Regards, Wayne

HAPP40 – WH&S approved clear floor – Wayne Hook – April 14, 2016

I have a Happ scissor lift and am very happy with it – perfect for working on my 911′s.

I researched a variety of hoists before purchasing and in the end decided on Happ. Discussions with you and Gavan at the time were a key part of the reason I bought it. The quality is excellent and I have had no issues at all using it, and I use it a lot.

I used the hoist to remove the entire front suspension and steering system, re-coat the underbody body protection and then re-install everything. Made life much easier for me than doing it on jack stands as I have done on other cars in the past.

I have no hesitation in recommending your products and will continue to do so if anyone I know is asking me for my advice.

Hope business is going well.

HAPP10 – portable scissor lift – Darren Sayers – April 19, 2016

Just a bit of feedback about the Happ hoist I purchased from you guys. It is the best investment I have made. I work from home doing vehicle repairs and the hoist caters for a wide range for cars from small right up to cruisers and patrols, and I have had even had my rideon mower on it. Without any issues. The service from you guys was great and pickup ability saved a lot on freight, and the package I received was complete and easy to install. Cheers

HAPP30 – floor plate hoist – David Kimlin – March 24, 2016

My Happ 60 is the best purchase I have made of equipment for my shed. I have 5 vehicles I service regularly and now it is done with ease. I used to rotate my tyres every 10 000 km now I have my Happ it’s every 5000km. I even change the mower blades on my hoist. I love my Happ hoist!
Please feel free to use me as a reference for potential buyers!

HAPP60 – Clear floor hoist – Dino Sartor – March 22, 2016

My HAPP hoist best thing I ever bought for home. Since I purchased mine 3 mates 2 from Rochampton and one in Calen have also bought a HAPP hoist and they’re all wrapped with them.

HAPP40 – WH&S clear floor – Chris Coyte – March 29, 2016

Thanks Maree and Gavin ! I’m loving my Happ hoist! It has made my life a whole lot easier! I spend a great deal of time working on my cars and like a lot of other people I have been crawling around on the ground for way too long! So if sounds like you, get up of the concrete floor go and ring Maree and order you new Happ hoist ! You’ll never look back.

HAPP70 – WH&S floor plate hoist – Shaun Pask – March 31, 2016

I cannot thank you and your team enough for organising my HAPP 70 hoist to my door in less than 24 hours a couple of days before Christmas! Alongside your speedy service and help in answering all my questions it was very refreshing to say the least as such friendly service is rare these days! Installation was a breeze even as a first timer! Here’s to many years of NOT crawling around on my garage floor! Thanks again!

HAPP70 – Floor plate hoist – Luke Beaumont – January 13, 2016

Hello to you both, just wanted to tell you how useful the 3 ton crane is. Small job on 1963 Fordson Super Major turned into major job (no pun intended). Strip and reassembly without any helpers – some pieces are quite heavy. Our hoist is working a treat too. Full service on Landcruiser has been the biggest job so far. Smallest job 1949 Morris rear – shock absorber bush so it’s all good. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

3T shop crane – Bruce Hamilton – December 21, 2015

Hi Maree, just wanted to let you know that my hoist is working well. BEST TOOL I HAVE PUT IN MY HOME WORK SHOP EVER :)

HAPP30 – floor plate hoist – Mark Leman – December 16, 2015

I’ve been very impressed with everyone’s help at HAPP and especially with my new hoist.
Thank you for your time & help.

HAPP40 – Clear Floor hoist – Shane K – December 30, 2015

Just wanted to let you know the install for the hoist went well, the guys were very helpful. The hoist works great. Thank you again, Mark

HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Mark Knowles – August 17, 2015

Hi Maree, my clear floor hoist is fantastic and I’m always looking for reasons to put my vehicles up on it. Thanks very much for your help in supplying it to me.

HAPP40 – clear floor hoist – Warwick Leahy – June 23, 2015

Just a quick message to say thank you for your prompt and efficient service. We got our Tyre Machine and Wheel Balancer on the day you said and we put it straight into action the following day, I can proudly say that these machines have now already fitted and balanced many tyres.
Both machines are very easy to operate and I can say that I’ll be buying more equipment in the upcoming months. Thank you once again to Gavan and Maree for all your help and for these great machines ……
Regards. Peter Nikic
P.N Mechanical…….

Tyre Changer/Wheel Balancer – Peter Nikic – May 30, 2015

Hi Maree ! So very very happy with your hoist. This will make my life so much easier restoring and servicing cars for many years. Also thank you for helping me through with the finances.


HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Jeff Birchfield – May 30, 2015

Finally got it commissioned! I absolutely love love love it, everything Is perfect. Best purchase ever.
If anyone is in the market for a hoist contact Maree  or Gavan @happ hoists! They are the best to deal with, and will do anything to accommodate your every requirement.  Thank you soo much!!! 

HAPP30 – floor plate hoist – Anthony Burke – April 14, 2015

My father and I purchased a HAPP 40 almost 2 years ago. We work as mechanics during the day for a dealership and use our Happ hoist of a night for our projects. We use Heshbon and Powerrex hoists all day, the Happ leaves them for dead! It has a wider spacing between the posts, allowing a door to be opened much further and the extensions for the pads are much more user friendly (not jamming in the arms like other brands.) If anyone ever brings up that they are interested in a hoist I can honestly say that bang for buck, HAPP leaves them for dead!

Thanks, Tim Murphy.

HAPP40 – WH&S floor plate 2 post hoist – Tim Murphy – March 21, 2015

I just purchased a HAPP25 4-post hoist (and an oil drain B75L) from Maree and Gavin for my home workshop as I am restoring 2 old British cars (yes I’m crazy). After months of looking around the net I found the HAPP web site had what I wanted and had the most informative details. I finally decided to commit and gave Maree a call to view the hoists they had set up. I found Gavin to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his product and he had an answer for everything. After seeing some of the other hoists (2 post and 4 post) and considering my options I made up my mind and purchased the 4-post hoist. The after sales support has been great and the installation done within a week of payment.
I would happily recommend them to my friends without hesitation.

HAPP25 – 4 post hoist – Frank Ragonese – August 1, 2014

I have recently opened an Auto Fitment centre and was looking in finding a low rise hoist for my workshop with a height of 2.7m. I had contacted the local supplier and made it clear about my height restrictions. I bought several hoists based on the information of the “salesman” over the phone and had to return them all as they were not what was specified by the “salesman”

After some research again on the web I found two products which suit the needs of my workshop and that I thought will do the job. The one product was the HAPP90 and then there was “another one”. As both of these products will suit my needs, I decided to contact the people “in charge” of both products and discuss the product.

I called the one company and I did not get the feeling that this person really believed in his product and had any knowledge thereof. This was a very quick conversation and ended in me ending the call, as the person on the other side knew less than me.

I then call Maree and Gavan about the HAPP 90, and what a relief…..friendly people that are excited about the product they sell, and they know the product and specs. Even on some questions I asked Maree, she immediately referred me to Gavan, who not only knows his product very well, but also his competition’s product in order to give me the a very good overall picture of the pros and cons of both products.

After my conversation with them, the decision was simple, buy the HAPP90, as I believe in Maree and Gavan to sort out any issues there might arise in the future. They are the kind of people I would like to work with. I placed my order, paid the invoice, and was kept informed of the progress of the shipment via email on a regular basis.

The hoist arrived a couple of days later, and the instructions given to me, by Maree was clear and easy to understand. I set up the hoist in my workshop, made a couple of calls to Gavan for confirmation on certain installation instructions and job done. Hoist up and working perfect.

I have received several follow up calls from Maree, just to make sure that I was happy with the product and service. I would definitely buy the next hoist from them again as my company grows because the experience received was the best. Thanks again to you!


Hugo Marais
02 6232 4204

HAPP90 – portable hoist – Hugo Marias – July 13, 2014

Thanks to Maree at HAPP, I had a hassle free hoist delivered to my garage the day after I ordered it. The HAPP 10 (Scissor) is the best solution to my standard two bay garage. It is rated to 2700kg and easily lifts my 1000kg German dunga. Good guys to deal with. Cheers to the guys at HAPP

HAPP10 – scissor lift – Craig Hooper – May 4, 2014

After much research on the internet regarding purchase of a hoist a friend recommended I check out Happ hoists. Subsequently I purchased a Happ 70 hoist, oil drain and stabilizer bar from Maree & Gavin at Hood Auto. The price was right and the hoist was exactly what I required.  I picked up the oil drain from Maree near the gold coast and the hoist from Pinkenba – used a car trailer – no hassles at all.

A friend and I installed the hoist in one day with the instructions supplied – no problems. Having worked in the mechanical and workshop business for the last 40 years I was very impressed with the quality of the hoist – as good as or if not better than the best brands that I have used.  I broke a small part on the safety catch – my fault – Gavin & Maree had the part in the mail same day – no charge.

Great company to deal with and after sales service and advice excellent – would not hesitate the recommend Hood Auto Performance Products, or HAPP to anyone contemplating purchasing a hoist.

HAPP70 – Business floor plate hoist – John Tate – November 29, 2014

I had little time to purchase a hoist as I was in the midst of setting up my new workshop. Maree and Gaven were very quick to reply to my emails and gave me excellent customer service. I’m very happy with the product (HAPP40), its all I could have hoped for and more. For the price they just can’t be beaten. I will definitely be back to purchase further hoists and equipment when I am ready to expand. Kind regards, Deren Erkan – www.tuned-performance.com.au

HAPP40 – clear floor Business Hoist – March 26, 2014

I selected a HAPP 35 hoist sight unseen from an ad on Gumtree. From the outset I was delighted with the professional way in which the people at HAPP followed up on my enquiry.
As a lecturer in engineering, I was impressed with the design and quality of manufacture of my hoist, once it was delivered, and I had a chance to see the actual item.
I have installed the hoist in a car garage with wall height of 2.7m, which does not give much excess headroom.
The final installation proved that I was able to store two cars in an area, which was previously limited to one.
The added advantage is that I can work on my Jag project at a height which minimises physical strain.

I have been delighted with the service and follow up on any queries that I have had during the hoist installation.
I unreservedly recommend HAPP to prospective hoist purchasers.
Kindest Regards,
Ron Sushames

HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Ron Sushames – December 22, 2013

We are very pleased with our choice of hoist and now that the business is taking off looking at purchasing another.
The whole process of purchasing was quick and easy and the price was just right for a new business start up.
KPH Racing Pty Ltd would recommend these hoists to anyone.

HAPP40 – 2 post clear floor – Kat Culley – November 28, 2013

Hi Maree
It’s been over 12 months that I’ve had my hoist, so I thought I’d let you know my thoughts.
I’ve always serviced my own cars,and with my kids growing up and getting their own,I made the decision to buy a hoist.
Now I not only service our 5 cars, I also service 3 others,even servicing my lawn mower on the hoist.
No more crawling under cars, doing everything on my back.
It’s so much easier now that it’s a pleasure using the hoist.
I’m very HAPPY with my hoist.
Regards Michael.

HAPP30 – floor plate model – Michael Shuttleworth – November 24, 2013

Hi Maree, I purchased the HAPP 35 two post hoist. I have been in automotive industry as a mechanic and now a trade teacher for over 30 years. This hoist has meet all my requirements, the quality of the hoist is comparable to one twice the price and surpassed what I though it would be. As a professional in the automotive industry I have used lots of types and makes of hoist and can say this one is right up there. And thanks Maree for the great service in answering all my questions before I purchased.

Russell Knight

HAPP35 – floor plate hoist – Russell Knight – November 24, 2013

Hi Maree, the bike lift has just made life so much easier. I had not thought of buying one until i saw your ad with a great price attached. Thanks for your fast response to all my questions and for the hoist.

HAPP15 – motorbike hoist – Count Paul Eugene – November 23, 2013

Tricky Performance Engineering is a small custom fabrication and Engineering workshop located north of Brisbane. In dealing with HAPP, we found the experience very pleasant. We relied heavily on HAPP matching a hoist to our needs and they fulfilled our requirements to the full. We chose HAPP because of their large range of hoists, location, and industry knowledge – a big plus for us was they were located in Brisbane. Being a small custom fabrication and engineering shop, we need our equipment to perform flawlessly day after day, any down time affects our bottom line and the delivery schedules to our customers – we are very pleased with the HAPP product and would highly recommend their range of hoists to anyone within the automotive trade.

HAPP30 – dual point release – Andrew Treloar – November 20, 2013

Hi Maree,

We would like to thank you and your team for your help in getting our hoist up to Biloela in Central Queensland. The hoist is making a big difference with servicing our business vehicles and the restoration of our 1936 Ford Hot Rod is being made a lot easier with a Happ Hoist.

Barnes’ Landscaping and Plant Hire

HAPP70 – Single Point Release – Graham Barnes – November 28, 2013

Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our purchase of the HAPP 90 two post hoist, Its a perfect fit for our home workshop, the whole purchase experience has been 1st class from the get go. Nothing was too much trouble and the quick reply to my e-mails made for an easy transaction. Would & have recommended HAPP to friends and other car enthusiasts without hesitation.
Kind Regards

HAPP90 – 3T portable hoist – Craig Turner – October 15, 2013

Thank you Maree and Gavin for your excellent advise and service. The hoist is fantastic. It has exceeded all our expectations and was very simple and straight forward to install. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a quality, value for money, no fuss hoist. Its definitely saved my back too!

HAPP60 – clear floor hoist – Jonas Ross – June 2, 2013

We just wanted to thank you to you both for all your help and guidance during the recent purchase from you of the HAPP 90 Car hoist. Maree, your constant good humour and ability to keep in touch provided us with the confidence in your Company that made the purchase feel totally secure. Gavan’s help in demonstrating your product was both clear and concise when we asked all the sort of questions that I am sure he had heard lots of times. I feel confident that the service you both provide will extend well into any installation and initial commissioning issues of the HAPP 90 lift that I might encounter.
I would happily confirm this reference should anyone wish to contact me to verify my experience.
Allan Mitchell, JP (Qual).

HAPP90 – Adjustable 3T hoist – Allan Mitchell – May 30, 2013

Couldn’t be happier with my HAPP40 clear floor hoist. It was very well packaged and the installation was very simple. The instructions are very well written and logically set out. The finish of these hoists are as good as any other that is 3 times the price. I was very impressed with the drop in and combined screw in adjustable pad design. Makes getting to the intricate spots simple. I put a lot of trust in my HAPP hoist as I also use it as a parking hoist for weeks at a time. The car is well supported and high enough to park another car under without worry of something in the hoist failing. For a well designed, built and priced hoist I could not go past it.

HAPP40 – Clear floor, single point release 4T hoist – Karl Rickards – May 13, 2013

My husband had been talking about getting a car hoist ever since we moved onto our property with a nice big shed on it, although a hoist was always way down the list in priorities, or so he thought. With his birthday fast approaching, I thought buying a hoist would just about make me the best wife ever. Some friends recommended HAPP Hoists to us, so I gave Maree a call and explained what dimensions we had and what we were after, and she recommended the happ70 for us. Maree was incredibly helpful and the transaction was easy, all that was left to do was to wait for the new shipment to arrive and as soon as it did the hoist was ours, needless to say I had one very happy husband! Assembly was easy and finished product was perfect, we could not be happier with the hoist and our dealings with Gavin and Maree at HAPP.

HAPP70 – 2 post floor plate, single point release – Cara Gray – May 1, 2013

Hi Maree and Gavan, Just a quick note to let you know that the installation is complete and I spent the day playing with the hoist. Thanks for supplying an affordable quality product for home-based enthusiasts. Regards, Rob

HAPP35 – low column 2 post floor plate – Rob Gray – April 14, 2013

Maree, Prior to purchasing an Happ 30 Vehicle hoist from you in March this year I inspected other manufactures of vehicle hoists and came to the conclusion that the Happ 30 was the size I required. The information and specification you provided on the web was impressive.

Thanks to Maree for providing me with a contact who owns a Happ 30 in which we were able to inspect during our holiday in the Gold Coast. We saw the hoist in action and the owner was very happy the robust construction of the hoist and the service from Maree & Gavan.

I ordered the Happ 30, it arrived and I am an impatient person and had to have it installed and operating which happened without a hitch. I put it up with the help of Margaret, installation instructions provided in English and easy to follow.

I put my Toyota ute on first then my Mazda RX8 all OK but then I went to put my old Austin up the front arms were too short. I spoke with Maree and guess what within a few days 2 x longer arms arrived and now all of my vehicle fit on the hoist. (Note If you are buying the hoist to lift older classic cars make sure you measure the chassis rails so you purchase the right size hoist.)

To Maree & Gavan, It was great dealing with you Guys and would have no hesitation in recommending your dedication to service and also the quality of the product you are selling.

Peter Titmus
Coffs Harbour Area NSW.

HAPP30 – 2 post floor plate hoist – Peter Titmus – April 14, 2013

Dear Maree,

I purchased a Happ 35 from you, and have just finished the install.
The freight was super fast thanking you, the instructions were easy to follow and your service has been great. I should have bought the hoist years ago. We use the hoist for our boats to access under the hulls instead of lying on the floor, and it works a treat. Very pleased with our purchase and have already recommended your hoist to other friends.
John Margetts
Hooker Boats

HAPP35 – shortened 2 post floor plate hoist – John Margetts – March 21, 2013

I write to express my great satisfaction in my dealings with Maree and Gavan at HAPP Hood Auto Performance Products. From my very first enquiry about the HAPP90 Car Hoist, the friendly efficiency with which each of my questions was answered was exceptional. As a consequence, even though interstate, I was confident that I was dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company. Once the hoist was ordered, I was immediately provided with installation information and advised of delivery details. The hoist arrived as scheduled and was securely packaged to ensure there was no damage to any of the parts. Due to my inexperience I found I required additional information during installation. On each occasion my request was responded to promptly, and accurate information provided to ensure my hoist was operational as quickly as possible.

The hoist has now been operational for some weeks and has met all my expectations. Based on my very positive experience with Maree and Gavan, I would not hesitate to recommend their company to any prospective purchaser.

HAPP90 – Adjustable hoist – Jim Bray – February 5, 2013

The Hoist has surpassed all expectation. As you know I was a little sceptical about the chinese finish. But I’m happy to say the finish and product are top class. The install was a breeze, and everything was there, and fitted perfectly. The finished product gives me a working height of at least 1900mm under the chassis of any car, with the pedestals wound right up, which is brilliant with me being 6’2”. Couldn’t be happier with you guys and your service, and have already recommended HAPP to a few mates that are now very envious of my garage. Kind Regards Martin

HAPP30 – 2 post floor plate hoist – Marty Smith – January 18, 2013

Hey Maree,
And complete!!! It took us longer to find someone with the right hydraulic fluid than it did to build the whole hoist!
Only about 2 hours assembly. Went together very easily.

HAPP25 – 4 post hoist – Michael Borch – November 20, 2012

Thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for the great product, prompt delivery and exceptional pre and after purchase service regarding my HAPP 30 hoist. All my questions were answered in a thorough and friendly manner, making for a very pleasant purchase.I would have no hesitation in highly recommending your products and services to anyone interested in purchasing a good quality, very reasonably priced hoist.

HAPP30 – 2 post floor plate 4T hoist – Michael Shuttleworth – September 13, 2012

My father in Law and I, are the proud owners of a Genuine 78 XC Cobra Hardtop (one owner) and a 66 Mustang Coupe. After much consideration on a variety of car hoists, we decided to purchase a HAPP25 from Maree.  It was one of the very few where backup service is offered, and all spare parts are readily available, which was a big part of our decision.

The HAPP25 handles the weight of the Cobra without a problem and seems to be very stable, even at full height without being bolted to the floor. The heavy duty sliding jack tray makes removing wheels and suspension very easy on both cars.

I have performed a nut and bolt restoration on the Mustang recently, practically all on this hoist, and I am able to push the hoist around by myself, once lowered, to any position in the shed without a problem.

I am also a signwriter by trade, and the hoist makes life very easy to install a wide range of vehicle graphics and Wraps, due to the extended length, without the posts being in the way.

I am very happy with my decision, and would buy another HAPP25 in an instant if needed.

HAPP25 – 4 post hoist – Brendan Parker – August 22, 2012

Thanks Maree/HAPP for a hassle free transaction. Dealing with your organization was pleasant and hassle free from the word go. I’ve installed both 4 post hoists in my garage at home and can only pass on the praises my friends have made on the build quality and ease of use of the hoists.

I would have no hesitations recommending them again and again and feel that the hoists were excellent value for money and are of exceptional quality.

Dr. Alvin Chua

HAPP25 – four post hoist – Dr. Alvin Chua – June 10, 2012

It is the best tool (big) I have ever bought, and Maree from Happ is a really nice person to deal with and this company has one of the highest moral beliefs and behaviour that I have ever come across. They will shift heaven and earth to make you more than happy with doing business with them. I bought my 4ton hoist from Happ and they packed it very securely to travel from Brisbane to Forrestfield WA. When I picked it up from the people at the depot, they helped me with two forklifts to get it on my trailer. The hoist was in top condition and was cradled with bracing specially made for the long haul to Perth. One last thing – every person who has ever lied down under a car on their back to do any mechanical work should have a Happ hoist. I have not been paid any money for this reference – these people are just that good.

HAPP35 – 2 post floor plate hoist – Jeffrey Hepenstall – June 10, 2012

Thanks for the great service during our recent purchase of a HAPP30 4t two post hoist. Hoist arrived well packed for shipping and was a breeze to install and operate with the supplied instructions. The quality of the hoist surpassed my expectations considering the awesome price and easily matches the quality of hoists I have seen costing twice as much. Again thanks for your help and I will not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone looking for similar products.

HAPP35 – 2 post floor plate hoist – Earl Fontaine – June 10, 2012

I will be recommending you and your hoist to all who ask. The hoist works and does more than expected, and I’m very happy with product.
thank you

HAPP10 – scissor hoist – Carl Schluter – June 10, 2012