HAPP90 – portable hoist – Hugo Marias – July 13, 2014

I have recently opened an Auto Fitment centre and was looking in finding a low rise hoist for my workshop with a height of 2.7m. I had contacted the local supplier and made it clear about my height restrictions. I bought several hoists based on the information of the “salesman” over the phone and had to return them all as they were not what was specified by the “salesman”

After some research again on the web I found two products which suit the needs of my workshop and that I thought will do the job. The one product was the HAPP90 and then there was “another one”. As both of these products will suit my needs, I decided to contact the people “in charge” of both products and discuss the product.

I called the one company and I did not get the feeling that this person really believed in his product and had any knowledge thereof. This was a very quick conversation and ended in me ending the call, as the person on the other side knew less than me.

I then call Maree and Gavan about the HAPP 90, and what a relief…..friendly people that are excited about the product they sell, and they know the product and specs. Even on some questions I asked Maree, she immediately referred me to Gavan, who not only knows his product very well, but also his competition’s product in order to give me the a very good overall picture of the pros and cons of both products.

After my conversation with them, the decision was simple, buy the HAPP90, as I believe in Maree and Gavan to sort out any issues there might arise in the future. They are the kind of people I would like to work with. I placed my order, paid the invoice, and was kept informed of the progress of the shipment via email on a regular basis.

The hoist arrived a couple of days later, and the instructions given to me, by Maree was clear and easy to understand. I set up the hoist in my workshop, made a couple of calls to Gavan for confirmation on certain installation instructions and job done. Hoist up and working perfect.

I have received several follow up calls from Maree, just to make sure that I was happy with the product and service. I would definitely buy the next hoist from them again as my company grows because the experience received was the best. Thanks again to you!


Hugo Marais
02 6232 4204



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